wedding games

ok, so i saw this wedding on 100 layer cake and got so inspired!

what if, instead of worrying about your centerpiece – what kind of flowers, candles, decorations, etc – you had, you had games! how much fun would that be? i remember looking through various wedding websites and they had ideas for little “get to know your neighbor” games you could put on the back of a menu or program,

but how about you take it one step further? what if you had games like, hungy hungy hippos, or operation, or apples to apples, or don’t break the ice? remember those games? they were fun. even if you aren’t 8 years old anymore. plus, what a better way to get conversation going at a table than a little friendly competition? i love it! i kind of think that if we had to do it all over again, i may go with the games as centerpieces idea.

(apples to apples, jenga, operation, bananagrams, yahtzee, connect 4, taboo, mouse trap, don’t break the ice, hungry hungry hippos, trouble: all images from

and then there’s the cocktail hour/reception! we had “cornhole” during the reception, but there’s an endless variety of other outdoor games that are fun to set up to get your guests talking and keep them entertained while the wedding party takes their formal shots…

(lawn games, cornhole, horseshoes, scrabble, croquet)

and if you’re really feeling frisky, how about a little friendly game of twister late-night?