zankyou wedding registry!

one item i wrote about in my same-sex wedding planning checklists, was the use of alternative wedding registries.  at this point, many same-sex couples are already living together before marriage (think: stereotypical lesbian u-haul…), so you probably already have pots and pans and plates and knives.  you may be able to come up with a few items that would be great to add to your kitchen collection, like that kitchenaid mixer that inspires even the cookie-burner-baker in you, but really, wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to register for pretty much anything you could really use, rather than items that you don’t really need?!  i’m talking about a new ipad to stock with movies and books for your travels on your honeymoon, a couples massage on the beach, maybe even a king sized bed! 

with the zankyou online cash gift registry, you can register for all of those awesome items, plus pretty much anything else, from anywhere else!  you can also turn your registry into a honeymoon registry where guests help you pay for your honeymoon, or a green registry where the experts at zank you help you create a list of environmentally friendly products and include information about the reasons for your choice for your guests.   that sounds pretty cool.  and you don’t necessarily need to register for actual items.  you can set it up so guests can contribute towards home improvements, a savings, maybe even your future child’s college fund.  and, through their charity registry, guests gifts go towards the charity of your choice – a great alternative to the “donation made in lieu of wedding favors”.

first, create or add the gifts you want to your registry...

then, pick the display format for your registry

your guests buy the gifts they like

you can monitor the incoming gifts in your wedding registry control panel

then you receive the cash equivalent of your gifts in your bank account!

so, how does it work?  well, you register for the items and when guests “purchase” those items, you get the cash equivalent of the gift contributions directly deposited into to your bank account.  when you are ready, you can take the cash and use it towards the actual gift, experience, or charity.  they do have a handling fee of  2.85% per gift, but that rate is among the lowest on the market.

 if you decide to register for several large items, your gift contributions can be set up as several partial contributions to  those larger gifts or funds.  this way, every guest can contribute in some way to the gifts you include in your registry, even if it’s only in small amounts.

so, if this sounds interesting to you, go check out their website today – you can also read tons of great articles from all over the world on weddings and wedding planning, and use their site to create your own wedding website with over 300 awesome designs!

*all images from the zankyou website