jacqueline & victoria’s one year anniversary shoot

you all remember jacqueline & victoria’s awesome DC wedding, right?  well, they are back!

and not only do they have really sweet anniversary photos – taken once again by their talented photographer, maggie winters, but they also have a few words to share after their first year on marriage.

so, on their one year anniversary, they went back to DC, found an amazing location, and had fun going 40s-esque!

(isn’t that shoot awesome?! – i kind of want to meet these ladies 🙂 )

i asked them to provide me (and you all) a few words reflecting on their first year of marriage and what they wrote was great – and really reminds you of how weddings aren’t just about big parties, but really about the beginning of a marriage…  

“A few hours after we frolicked around Glen Echo park during this photoshoot, Victoria was in a friend’s bathroom, losing the lunch we’d recently shared with Maggie, our awesome photographer (not due to the food, though).  Talk about both ends of the marriage spectrum!  In a way, that’s how the past year has been.  There have been so many ups: she’s started a graduate program that she loves; I’ve celebrated a year with the family I nanny for; we’ve moved into a big, old, wonderful house.  And the downs: her grandmother passed away; our families still aren’t thrilled with our relationship; she lost her job.  These types of things can occur in any given year, but it stands in stark relief when it’s the First Year of Marriage.

In that First Year, one thing has been continuous with us.  We always try to communicate.  There’s hardly a thought or incident that passes that we don’t share.  Maybe some people think that’s over-sharing, but it works for us…and in my opinion, communication is a more-the-merrier thing.  Say the scary things.  Say you’re scared to say the scary things.  Try to argue each other’s positions.  Agree on something, anything, and work outward from there.  Language is power: the power to glue two people together tighter than they dreamed possible, and to make it the best experience of their lives.

Okay.  After writing that, I feel a little cheesy, and like I need to have a degree (or at least a couple more wedded years) under my belt.  Really…just keep on loving.  There can never be too much of that!”

in addition to their retro photo shoot, they also took some really sweet “current day” pictures as well..

thanks jacqueline and victoria AND maggie winters for sharing these great pictures with us! and happy anniversary 🙂