after the confetti…

dear readers,

i’d like to start a new series on this site – “after the confetti”.  i want to hear from you – i want your stories – what happened after the wedding?  what did you learn from your first few (or more!) years of marriage/civil partnership/commitment ceremony?  what hopes/dreams did you have when you first got married that were realized or changed in some way and why?  tell me about your marriage.  tell me about your relationship.  how did things change? or are they the same? was it all worth it?  was it important to have a ceremony?

so, i’ve asked you lots of questions.  now it’s your turn.

respond.  email me at and let us know.

what should you include in your response? nothing but your words and thoughts and maybe a picture or two.  i’m not picky.  let’s share with other lgbt couples the trials and tribulations of same-sex commitments.  we all learn quite a bit from committing ourselves to another person and now it’s time to share with others what you’ve learned!

i can’t wait to hear your stories!