cori & whitney engaged

Cori & Whitney contacted me a little while ago because they are in the process of planning their wedding for next July and came across my blog and saw that I am always looking for reader submissions.  Well, it just goes to show you that it’s true, because here are their engagement pictures!  I love reader submissions, so I was very excited when Cori emailed me with their sweet story and pictures taken by StudiOlivia Photography.

Cori shares, “We first met our Freshmen year of High School. We became best friends, but didn’t come out to each other until the summer before our senior year, when I told Whitney that I had liked her for a very long time, and wasn’t going to pretend I didn’t anymore. We had a crazy, fun, secret love that just kept growing, and is something we both know is extraordinary. Today, it is still crazy and fun, but not even close to a secret.

I proposed to Whitney first, on December 15, 2011. We had just gotten our Christmas tree setup, but hadn’t put the decorations on it yet. It is a tradition with us that I give her a Christmas bear every year. So this time, I got the bear and tied the ring to one of its arms and propped it in the tree. I waited for her to come home from work. When she walked in the door she was excited to see her bear. She walked over, took it out of the tree and noticed the box. She took the ribbon off, and as she opened it, I said, “I know you have promised me forever before, but will you say yes one more time?” She started crying, wrapped her arms around my neck, and said yes!

Whitney proposed to me in March 2012, after much debate about whether or not she was going to propose, since I had already proposed to her. Her proposal has a little back story though. When we were in High School we weren’t really out to our families or very many friends. So we wrote each other a lot of notes, because that seemed safest. So when she proposed, she wrote me a love note and folded it the same way we always did in HS. After I finished reading it, she opened the ring box and asked me to be her wife. It was very sweet, and reminded me of how much I’ve loved her…since our first notes together, 7 years ago.

We are so excited about our wedding day! It is going to be a little bit on the traditional side, but we are finding a lot of ways to build fun into it, and add our own quirks. It will be outside, next summer, at a country club. We are calling our wedding party the “dresses” and “tuxes” because bridesmaids is fine, but groomsmen won’t work because I am not a groom, and some of our tuxes are women. We are working on some exciting plans, but one thing at the fore front is going to be that everyone has a good time, and no one gets too stressed.

congratulations ladies – thanks for your submission and we can’t wait to see your wedding!