happy new year!

here’s to another great year on 4real equality weddings!  the submissions this year have been amazing – so diverse and a great mixture of guys, girls, engagements, weddings, civil unions, and commitment ceremonies!  you, readers, are what keeps me going.  your comments, submissions, re-posting, tweeting, pinning – whatever you do to keep reading and keep sharing this blog with others helps make this site known.  i know that there are quite a few other same-sex blogs out there and we each have a little something different to offer, but i hope mine has found it’s way into your google readers, newsfeeds, or however you read your blogs and that you will remain a follower.

i love checking out my stats and seeing which posts get the most hits, so in this new year round up, we’re going to take a look back at the highlights on the blog over the past year…

1. most popular post: jaqueline and victoria – that post went viral! almost 2000 hits and it was all over pinterest and tumbler.  those girls rocked their wedding day, and their one year anniversary shoot, which was my fifth highest viewed post.  thanks to photographer, maggie winters for that one!

2. most popular non-wedding post: mason jars.  yup.  that one was pinned all over the place.  as we know, mason jars were huge in weddings recently, so i guess everyone liked the inspiration.

3. most viewed guy-guy wedding: jesse and bryan.  you all loved that wedding.  thanks to photographer, kate connolly for that submission!

4. most viewed girl-girl wedding (other than jacqueline & victoria): tiffini & trina – a chic southern wedding.  photos by robin gaucher.

5. lesbian weddings definitely got more hits than the gay weddings – 6000 views compared to 1300.  maybe i need to work on getting my blog out to the guys more?

6. most used search term that landed readers on my blog: lesbian wedding, followed by lesbian weddings, lesbian marriage photos, real lesbian weddings, and real lesbian wedding.  looks like you guys are really looking around for lesbian wedding inspiration.  photographers, take note!  submit your lesbian weddings!  women want to see more inspiration and images like themselves out there in the wedding world.

7. most commented post: jen and keri’s wedding.  by photographer, dana pierce.  definitely one of my favorites.  especially since the two ladies are good friends of ours, and they just welcomed a third member into their family!  born just before christmas.  yay, jen and keri!

8.  most popular referrer (i.e. how you guys got to my site): well, besides search engines… facebook & pinterest.  it’s nice to see more same-sex weddings being pinned out there.

9. the post that brought the most visitors in one day: josh & brent – a desert engagement shoot.  872 hits in one day! by photographer, tammy watson.

10. finally, where did people go after viewing my blog?: a vote and a vow and silver lines and silken hooks  – other same-sex wedding blogs!  i had hoped it was various recommended vendors, but they came in close to the top.  i truly hope that readers are able to find same-sex friendly vendors through this site.

the rest of the top ten links (after jaqueline & victoria, tiffini & trina, jesse & bryan, and jen & keri):

laura and laura
siri and antonia
lili and michelle
our wedding
megan and megan
becca and laura

hope you all enjoyed a quick look back over 2012.  thanks again and enjoy your holiday!