dawn & jennifer

2012-9-8 Dawn-Jennifer-E-302

when you see a picture like this in a submission, you know the wedding is going to be good!

dawn and jennifer sent me their wedding and at first, all i saw was their write-up on their day.  when i read about the vintage GMC truck and the garage painted with an Andy Warhol-esqe portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the doors, i couldn’t wait to see the actual images, and i was definitely not disappointed. their photographer, Studio Gregg, captured their wedding beautifully.  and now, here’s their story as told by the couple:

“On December 31st, amidst an discussion over whether we should stay home or go out for New Years, I gave in and told Dawn if we were going out I had something she might want to wear. I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. She said yes! With her engagement ring shining brightly and permanent smiles affixed to our faces we headed out to welcome in a new year and a new chapter of our lives.

The planning began almost immediately and we decided to theme our wedding around the ring finger anchor tattoos we had done in Provincetown the previous year. Luckily summer 2012 was quite nautical and anchor anything was easy to come by.  Our wedding ceremony and reception took place on September 8th, 2012 at a private residence in Provincetown, Massachusetts. We traveled to Provincetown from our home in Denver to legally commit our lives to one another, and it was wonderful. Planning a over 2,000 miles from our venue was a challenge, but with the help of family, friends and amazing vendors we did planned the perfect wedding weekend.
We flew in one day before our wedding and while we saw a judge and obtained permission to marry the next day our families were at our wedding venue meeting for the first time. They hung lights, folded napkins and polished glasses like a well seasoned team. That night our parents threw a welcome party so our families and out of town guests could get to know one another while eating, drinking margaritas and dancing.

The next day at 5 in the evening and we lined up our wedding party to walk down the aisle. We were escorted by both our mothers and fathers and preceded by our beautiful flower girl, and niece, Naia, siblings and closest friends. Our officiant had prepared a traditional yet personalized ceremony which included a reading of our favorite poem i carry your heart with me by E.E. Cummings. We were announced legally wed and the party began. Guests sipped cape codders and wine on the deck of our venue while the wedding party took pictures. We all decided it was too windy to take pictures on the beach, so we ran across the street where we spotted a vintage teal GMC truck and a garage painted with an Andy Warhol-esqe portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the doors.

Once inside our brother, Andrew announced us with amazing speech and we danced to our band’s cover of Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Way that I Am.” We then enjoyed a New England style clam bake dinner with clam chowder, lobsters, steamers, linguicia, and all the fixings- delicious. After that everyone got wild dancing well into the morning. The next day we held a brunch at an oceanfront bar and we all nursed hangovers, laughed over last night’s antics and shared our love. It was the perfect closing to the most amazing weekend of our lives. Our wonderful family made our dream day a reality we had each other.”

2012-9-8 Dawn-Jennifer-E-sm-069

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photography: Studio Gregg
Cake: Farland Provisions
Catering: Clambakes, etc
Florist: Designers Touch Floral Design and Event Decor
Music: Two Cool
Officiant: Claire Watts
Rentals: Party Cape Cod