karen & bailey

this wedding was submitted by Intuition Photography.  Photographer, Janine Bell shares their story. “The wedding was held at the Flying U Ranch in British Columbia, Canada. Karen grew up going to the Flying U Ranch in 70 mile house BC. Both her mother and Step-father used to take her there for family vacations. She continued the tradition introducing her partner, Bailey to the ranch. It became a special place for both of them and was a natural choice when deciding on a wedding venue even though they currently live in Victoria.”
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“The Ceremony was incredibly heart felt. it was performed by Bailey’s longtime best friend Sarah. She got ordained just to be able to perform the ceremony. At first the couple looked for officiants willing to perform the ceremony, but 70 Mile House is a small remote town and they couldn’t find anyone willing to perform a same sex marriage. Sarah stepped in with the solution. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the ceremony was finished. Both Karen and Bailey wrote their own vows. which were lovely and included promises such as, ‘I promise to open all your pickle jars’ ‘I promise to walk Bow (the couples’ dog)'”
McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding317_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding319_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding340_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding363_low McClean_Washbrook_IntuitionPhotography_b3uajt541 McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding482_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding520_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding532_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding537_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding596_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding616_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding723_low / McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding7942_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding788_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding713_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding871_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding882_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding903_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding941_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding949_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding899_low
“Bow (the dog) carried the rings down the aisle and served as maid of honor
The girls each had wedding dresses that were mirror images in colour. Karen in a large fluffy white gown with a champagne sash, that suits her girly personality. Bailey in an elegant champagne dress with a white sash that suited her understated nature.
After the ceremony, because it was sooooo hot, everyone changed, ran down to the lake and jumped in.  So the reception ended up being everyone in jeans and t-shirts, around a campfire.”
McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding646_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding671_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding676_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding682_low
“Bailey’s family has a long standing tradition of a cake topper. Every woman in their family when they married (going back 4 generations) had the same small silver bud vase with a white rose in it as a cake topper. Bailey’s grandmother brought it with her and placed it on top of the cake, told everyone where it came from. there were lots of tears!”
McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding688_low McClean_Washbrook_Intuition_Photography_KarenBaileyWedding702_low