lisa & anne-marie

Photographer Chris Malpass wrote, “I first met Lisa and Anne-Marie about a year ago in a dive bar at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. We were there to support our mutual friend’s band who was performing that night. Shortly after our first encounter Lisa invited me to her Yoga studio in Norfolk to shoot some promotional images for her marketing. We had an absolute blast and created some really stellar work together.

I was more than excited when Lisa wanted to set up a couple’s session with me for her and Anne-Marie but it had a twist. She wanted to make it a surprise proposal!

After a little bump in our secret plans and a little bit of a delay we finally got things lined up and journeyed to First Landing State Park for their session.

We started out our journey as if it was just another photo session documenting their relationship. I even had Anne-Marie convinced that the video camera I was toting around was so I could review the session after-the-fact. It worked out perfectly! The moments evolved and provided a spontaneous moment where Lisa could no longer wait!

The sunlight peppered its way through the wooded canopy and wrapped them both in its warmth. The universe stopped in that moment and all focus was on them. Love is a crazy thing and when it takes hold you never know where it will take you. These two are beaming with love and ready for a lifetime of adventure.”

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