katy & shamena

eKate Photography wrote, “Katy and Shamena traveled to DC from the UK to get married (this was before same-sex marriage was legalized where they live). They came to DC because they didn’t just want a civil union; they wanted to be married.

They each wore a red dress of their choosing and had a short and intimate ceremony in Dupont Circle, officiated by Tiffany Newman of Marriage D.C. It was simple, gorgeous, and serene inside during the ceremony. Outside, it was the worst rainstorm we’d had in a long time, We were still determined to get some photos outside, though, so while people were leaving work and roads were being closed because of flooding, we waded through and got the shots that we could. The two of them were smiling and laughing the entire time and it was one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve been a part of.”

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