ulrike & laure

this wedding is absolutely adorable.  the couple lives in brussels, belgium and said that they wanted to submit their wedding to this blog, as a way to thank me for sharing those beautiful images that really helped them by giving them tons of inspiration during the planning of their big day.  i think that’s pretty amazing that my blog reached all the way to belgium and helped to provide inspiration!  plus, their unique and personal wedding is just so awesome.  i love how they made their day completely their own and you can just tell that everyone had a great time.  congrats ulrike & laure – thank YOU so much for sharing your wedding day with me and hopefully others can find inspiration in your celebration.

When I proposed to Ulrike, and she said yes, we hadn’t thought of the fact that being the center of the attention is something we both usually avoid. We – and especially Ulrike – aren’t big fans of the corny wedding stuff either. So we decided early on that we’d organize our very own personalized wedding. The way we want it, not the way it was supposed to be.

Through a friend we found an artist who had just launched his carear as a photographer, and he turned out to be a very artistic and an original wedding photographer. He never asked us to pose, we just had to go about our business pretending he wasn’t there. After about an hour, we stopped noticing him. In the end he made a fantastic coverage of our day.
Being the crafty type, I wanted to give our friends and family a hand made favor. With the help of our family and friends we sewed hundreds of bags, filled them with candy and added our logo with a stamp. We also made a big “who’s here?” black board with all the names of our family and friends attending the big day.

The morning of our wedding, our hairdresser came over very early and got to work. We didn’t sleep in separate beds/houses because we thought it would be nice to start this special day together. So we enjoyed breakfast and got dressed while sharing our excitement. We bought our dresses together, so there wasn’t really such thing as a first look, but it was still amazing seeing Ulrike being so beautifully dressed up. I’ll also never forget the excitement when we opened the door to our parents and saw the pride in their eyes!

At noon we went to the town hall with our family and close friends, where we signed the papers. After that short official moment, we invited our friends and family at our home where we’d prepared a lunch buffet. We all ate and drank together and shared some cozy and relaxed hours, before getting ready for the real deal.

At the venue, we’d decided not to follow the Belgian tradition where the married couple and close family stands by the door welcoming all the guests. To us, this seemed too forced and unnatural, resulting in cramped smiles and a long queue of bored guests. Instead the guests were invited inside, were given a glass of champagne and led to the photo booth where they would have their photo taken with us. Some weeks after the wedding we sent all our guests their pictures and a thank you note.

The second thing we passed on was a traditional wedding ceremony. It’s just not our thing to declare our love in front of hundreds of people. So we skipped that and got right to the speeches. Although later on in the evening our friend had set up a hilarious mock ceremony, which we enjoyed very much.

Something that worried Ulrike was the opening dance. We hardly ever dance together in public places (we dance all the time at home where we don’t care if we look incredibly unsexy). Keeping in mind our promise to ourselves not to have the typical wedding, but a wedding we both feel comfortable with, we decided on a dancing moment where we could share the attention with our friends. So we organized a flashmob! The two of us danced for about 45 seconds after which the romantic music abruptly came to a halt and a funky dance song blasted out of the speakers and all our friend joined in on a silly dance. It was so much fun seeing the surprised faces of the other guests! After the flashmob the dancing went on, all night long! Later that night, we had our little special moment, dancing and cuddling without anyone noticing.

In Belgium there’s a tradition to “trash” the house of the newlyweds as a surprise. We feared the worst. But our friends had done their job in a stylish manner: we came home that night to find our house to be covered with post-its. Our toilets were filled with balloons. What a nice way to end this unforgetable day!

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Photographer: Jonas Vincken
Venue: Feetstschuur De Architect
Stationary: Quick Red Fox