bing & stacy

This is definitely one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever shared!  This couple decided to have a “WODDING” (workout of the day wedding) and their cross fit gym!  Jasmine Dee Creative Photography captured their day on film. She wrote, “Bing and Stacy’s love for crossfit is almost as powerful as their love for one another! Big Barn CrossFit is the place of love for these two! The trainers, friends, and family they had supporting them on their special day was truly wonderful. The gym was adorned in love, but still had the rugged CrossFit spirit surrounding and motivating them! From the decorated kettle-bells to their wedding date printed on each of the trainers workout shirts, this ceremony was beautifully unique. I absolutely loved the brides white workout gear! After the ceremony, everyone participated in a wedding WOD (Workout of the Day) which was one of the fiercest workouts I have ever seen.”

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