jennifer & cindi

Jen Lee Light wrote, “Both Jennifer and Cindi worked in Public Service in Seattle for over 20 years as well as volunteered their time and talents in the Seattle LGBT community.

Together for over 19 years before finally able to marry the one they loved and to be legally recognized. They are very thankful to the people of Washington State who helped this become a reality.
The wedding day was surreal.
Two huge families joined together to witness the marriage of Cindi and Jennifer. You can imagine the crazy-positive energy. The park overlooks Protection Island (which is special to the couple), the weather was calm, warm, and included a vibrant sunset over Discovery Bay. The ceremony was simple, beautiful, and unique in many ways. The brides exchanged vows, rings, then signed basketballs from each other’s rival college teams. Jennifer gave Cindi small stones engraved with a single word to signify all the ways she loves her. It was heartwarming and everyone cried (yes, I am included). Even their two dogs starting barking and howling at the end!
The reception was elegant yet relaxed. Cocktail hour was fabulous and set the mood. Children were playing in a nearby field and on the beach, people played life-sized Jenga, and friends simply chatted and laughed, enjoying good company and beer. Food was then served and was DELICIOUS. I ate everything. Blue Willow Catering was incredible, fast, professional, and personable. The wedding cake was made by Jennifer’s aunt, Nancy. It was beautiful and perfectly sweet.
As twilight approached and the sky painted in shades of orange, friends played ukuleles and sang luau songs. Toasts were then given by friends and family. The words spoken were charming and, of course, induced more tears. Then came the dancing. I think the photos speak for themselves. Everyone, young and old, grooved on until their feet were numb.
What’s with the tractor, you ask? Well, originally the brides had hired a company to pick them up and drive them to their ceremony/reception in a fancy old car. The driver never arrived and they were left stranded on the other side of town. They even attempted hitch-hiking! Finally a neighbor picked them up. Since they were totally bummed about their spiffy ride, they asked their neighbor friend to let them ride on his old, rusty tractor. Sure enough he comes rumbling down the road and the brides had their photo op. This is Cindi’s favorite from the entire day. It definitely shows the character of these two. Even when their wedding started off rough, it didn’t dampen their spirits.
I’ve been shooting weddings for nearly 10 years, and this is one wedding I’ll never forget. These two are incredible people and have become very dear to me. I hope to share their story so that the world can feel the love I witnessed that day.”

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