my maternity photos

So, my maternity leave ended yesterday and I’m back to my job at the hospital…  It’s been 15 weeks since my little munchkin was born and what a crazy 15 weeks it has been!  Endless and overwhelming amounts of snow in Massachusetts, combined with every single daycare sickness that is going around, has made this winter extra hard… But we’ve been surviving and enjoying all of the extra time we get to spend together as a family of 4.  In honor of my return to work, I’m sharing my maternity photos with you all 🙂

Before Lucas was born, I knew that I wanted to have maternity photos taken – partly to remember what it was like to have a pregnant belly, and partly because I loved being pregnant so much, I wanted a beautiful way to document how awesome it was.  I met our photographer, Kristin Chalmers, at a  book signing event several years ago and we really hit it off.  Since then, I have been following her work on Facebook and when it came time to think about professional photos, I knew that I wanted to work with her.

She came to our house on a rainy Saturday and did an absolute amazing job capturing my family.  I was 9 months pregnant. Here are some of the photos:

2014.11.01_Keenan-3 2014.11.01_Keenan-7 2014.11.01_Keenan-21 2014.11.01_Keenan-24 2014.11.01_Keenan-59-2 2014.11.01_Keenan-66 2014.11.01_Keenan-69 2014.11.01_Keenan-82