seth & josh

LAD Photography shares, “Seth and Josh are a classy couple and love hiking and travel. They spent their honeymoon in London! The diamonds in Seth’s ring are Seth’s mother’s, grandmother’s, and great-grandmother’s. They choreographed their first dance, which ended in Josh giving Seth a little dip at the end. Seth’s mother gave a very personalized speech during the ceremony about their relationship, and Josh teared up during his vows. Josh is a fantastic pianist and wrote and performed an original piece for Seth as a surprise during their cocktail hour (the Governor Hill Mansion has a piano in the foyer). It was a lovely moment to see Seth so proud and moved to tears listening to the song written for him. Seth and Josh did do a first looks in the foyer of the Governor Hill Mansion, which explain some of the images in the folder. Seth took the time to fix Josh’s tie (a full windsor, not the cheat ties) which I thought was very sweet.”

Seth also shared, “Josh and I met through a friend of mine. My friend introduced us because Josh and I were both from the same area, and he thought we’d hit it off (and we did, of course!). Our first date was thus a blind date; we had coffee at Barnes and Noble. We had been dating for three and a half years when I proposed, the day before Valentine’s Day (because Josh was working on Valentine’s Day). I wrote Josh a poem and gave him roses. We wanted our wedding to be sophisticated but not stuffy, colorful but not garish, intimate but not small.”

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