charles & sander

AMC Photography Studio wrote, “After years of being together, Charlie, a former nurse, now an accomplished artist and Sander, a prominent anesthesiologist, who have known each other for 13 years decided to get married. With Montgomery County in PA issuing same sex marriage licenses, a private wedding ceremony was held in the privacy of a friend’s beautiful backyard. Although the wedding was private and the marriage ceremony was personalized with the love they had for one another with their beautiful tailored tuxedos and french cuff shirts made by Thomas Pick and Tommy Hilfiger. Their love was public as they hand picked Sander’s tux from Boyds’s Philadelphia made by Ralph Lauren.

A white suit from Afazzy New York was handpicked from a little shop in Pensacola, Florida for Charlie. The bow ties were tailored and tied with care and love. The artwork of the French cuffs they wore were made by Kenneth Cole. They walked down the aisle and stood in front of the officiate with shoes from Calvin Klein and suede shoes from Florshiem. The rings they sealed their love wither were Pavorsky.”

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