janeen & ashley

Robin Shotola Photography wrote submitted Janeen & Ashley’s gorgeous wedding that took place at the┬áHistoric Oakland Mansion in Maryland.

From the brides:

How did you meet? We originally met our freshman year of high school at Western Senior High School in Baltimore City. We had freshman gym together and bonded over skipping class to hang out on the outside tennis courts. While there Ash taught me (the girl brought up on hiphop and Motown) to play air guitar and when I was proficient she upgraded me to guitar on the school tennis rackets. She also become responsible for my love of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. We lost touch after that year (we are both pretty sure we never had another class together) and pretty much the next 10 years or so. Ash was always one of those major memories I had from high school though and I was one of her only ones (she blocked out much of high school). Years later she found me on myspace and we became friends, then like most of the world we migrated over to facebook. On Facebook we discussed life and God and lots of stuff and that’s where the “more than friends” started.

How did you get engaged? We got engaged in April of 2013. One day while talking to Katiera it came up that Janeen thought that I would never propose and that she would be the one to propose. That conversation let me know that she had always wanted to be proposed to and from there Katiera and I started plotting and planning the details of the proposal. I came up with this awesome plan to propose at this LGBT theater during one of the plays. However, as is my personality, I went out and got the ring a couple of days later and before the theater company could respond … I proposed a couple days later after we finished watching “Life of Pi” on demand. It was very touching and seemed to be about valuing life and the moment and so… I walked out of the room and Janeen asked what I was doing and I told her, “about to change your life” and when she turned around I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me…. She said yes.

What will you remember most about your wedding day? Funny! We actually share the same favorite moment…when we first saw each other as we walked down the aisle. Janeen is a jeans and sneakers girl and stressed that she was wearing pants which of course was what I expected. But when I finally saw her she was in a full length gown!! My jaws dropped and tears fell. She was so lovely and then she lifted her dress a tad and revealed matching white Timberland boots. That’s my baby.

Most stressful thing about planning your wedding: Money! Of course! Why aren’t we as rich as we are happy?

If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently? Elope to Hawaii!! Lol. We loved our wedding but honestly yeah…Hawaii.

Any words of wisdom for brides who are currently planning their day? Do what you want not what others expect of you on your big day. Even if that means marrying the same gender lol.

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