emma & amber

This engagement shoot couldn’t be any more perfect for this snowy weather the East Coast has been experiencing over the past week or so!  ENV Photography wrote, “Emma & Amber visited Edmonton from southern California where they currently live to visit Emma’s family for Christmas. A big snowy day is the perfect Canadian way to announce your engagement!”

A little about the couple:

How did you two meet? Like many couples today, Emma and I met online through a dating website. Our profiles were both humorous, witty, and nerdy which attracted us to each other.

Who proposed? What was your proposal like? Emma proposed to me. We knew pretty early into our relationship that we wanted to spend our lives with each other, but the timing still caught me by surprise. For the proposal, Emma recreated a date she had taken me on for my birthday when we just started dating. She took me to go see a musical in San Francisco (If/Then starring Idina Menzel) then afterwards we walked to Union Square. It was December so there was a large Christmas tree all lit up, just like two years ago. There she asked me to marry her and after the shock went away I said yes.

What are you enjoying about planning your wedding? What are you finding most challenging? Emma and I aren’t big event planners so this is new territory for us, but we are looking forward to adding our personalities into the special day. Emma and I both come from large families so balancing the guest list, venue and budget is a big challenge.

Do you have any advice for newly-engaged couples (especially same-sex couples)? Emma and I are still figuring out the whole engagement thing ourselves, but if we had to give advice it would be to enjoy the moment. There is a short time between getting engaged and the reality of planning a wedding that is pure bliss, hold on to that. One thing that has come up so far is being asked how will we attempt to re-create a “traditional wedding”. We say be true to your relationship and let the day reflect your love however you see fit which is what we aim to do.


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