scott & peter

Derek Chad Photography wrote, “These grooms were legally married just days before this wedding reception and 25th anniversary together! They decided to have the reception at their most meaningful place of all, their home… in San Diego, CA. A little bit of rain didn’t keep these two away from an incredible evening with all of their closest friends and family.
From the couple: Who proposed? What was your proposal like? A little over a year ago we had just returned from my company’s annual meeting of its partners. It was my first year as a partner and I had to do a life story in five minutes to all of the attendees as part of a tradition. Part of my presentation was talking about Pete and our life. When we returned home I was tired from the events of the last several days. As the day was getting late, Pete said lets go watch the sunset. I said I was tired but he convinced me to go anyway. We got to the bluff overlooking Blacks beach and he suddenly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes.
Why did you choose your venue? We have both always enjoyed the ocean so it was natural our wedding would take place there. Our reception will be at our home because we enjoy entertaining and be surrounded by our friends. We want our reception to be casual and fun while becoming an important memory for us.
Are any of the details particularly special to you and why? We want the reception to be very personal so we have taken the time to make sure each element of our event has been thought through. Pete has always been fond of toucans and I find them to be a fascinating oddity so a pair of them will occupy an honored position on our cake (not real ones of course but crystal facsimiles).
What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding day? I am looking forward to our families and friends being with us to celebrate our new bond as well as our 25 year history together.
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Vendors: Catering-Culinary Concepts, Cocktails-Snake Oil, Cake-Sweet Cheeks, DJ-DJ Dougie, Rentals-Abbey Rents and PEP Creative, Photographer-Derek Chad, Florist-Urban Garden Floral, Invitations-Stacy Himmel