cody & chela

Alexis Sweet Photography wrote, “Oh the wonderful Cody and Chela. Where do I start with these two? They are loving, joyful, radiant little shining stars. Everywhere Cody goes, she beams. Her energy is infectious and you can’t help but smile to be around her. Chela is the same way. She wears her emotions on her rosy red cheeks. Hanging out with these two is like hanging out with sugar coated wood nymphs. It is no wonder that so many friends and family joined them for their colorful ceremony in Juliette Low Park.

The park is dedicated to Juliette, founder of the Girl Scouts, making it very fitting for the community, support, and friendship surrounding this wedding. The couple was marched down the aisle by none other than the SCAD drum line. Chela “caught the spirit” as she danced her way down the sidewalk, followed by her stunning wife to be. The drum line electrified the atmosphere and it was my first, and probably only, time seeing a full on parade at a wedding.One of the first things the couple expressed to me was that they wanted their wedding photos to simply show people having a great time. It was so easy to do. Everyone was having a blast (the awesome waitstaff giving out 16oz pints of wine didn’t hurt either). Aside from the stunning bouquets and boutonnieres from Madame Chrysanthemum and the beer provided by local favorite brewers, Service Brewing Co, the wedding was largely DIY. Cody and Chela even pre-made enough lasagna to feed 250 people (awe inspiring, I know). Friends all over the neighborhood volunteered their ovens, and Cody provided laminated instructions on how to cook and transport the dishes to the wedding (it was delicious by the way).”

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