jen & leane

Another one of Derek Chad‘s incredible weddings!  Love his submissions!

From the couple:

“How did you two meet? Jen was solo and I was solo and I was perusing online and saw her beautiful face and sent her an email. No picture – just an email. Jen swore she would not talk with anyone online who did not send a photo but she says there was something about my email that well made her reply. Eventually I did send a picture and more emails and then our first phone call. Jen lived in Oakland and worked at Pandora and she decided to just take the plunge and come down and visit me here in San Diego during a trip to Long Beach. She pulled up and this tall beautiful stunning woman got out of the car – followed by the largest suitcase I have ever seen. We went to dinner at Alchemy in Southpark and listened to some music and the next morning we went for coffee and as that second day wore on we did not want to leave each other…  Jen eventually headed back up to Long Beach and Oakland and then she invited me up for a visit – the weekend I went up was the best date I have ever had. She met me with a swag bag with shirts and goodies and then took me to a beautiful 12 course dinner in San Francisco and then to top the night off a gritty wild Margaret Cho show. The rest of the weekend was dreamy, beautiful and magic. 6 months later she met my two boys and we began a journey together that has been filled with challenge and learnings and a lot of love. Five years later we are together and want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Who proposed? What was your proposal like? We had a fight the night before I planned to propose and she was sleeping in the other room and I came in and put a box on her chest and she said what the heck? I then took the box and got her into the car telling her she would find out what was in it when we got up to Laguna. We made up 🙂 and stayed in a beautiful oceanfront spot. I properly proposed in a bar with some champagne. It was lovely. With no real rules to follow Jen decided that she wanted me to have a ring too and she got down on one knee at one of our favorite Italian restaurants and played marry me on her phone and asked me to marry her. Our friends Peri and Peg were with us.

Why did you choose your venue(s)? We chose our venue because it was convenient and we are members. Also Jen is a golfer and she loves loves the club!

Are any of the details particularly special to you and why? Every detail is special to us. I think that fact that we are still together is a miracle to us. Love has truly kept us together through many challenges of bringing our families together.

What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding day? Celebrating our love with our friends and family and saying thanks for sticking with us and throwing a fun party.”


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