jacquelyn & bridget

Lydia Leclair Photography | Eyelydphoto shared this simply beautiful wedding with us.  From one of the brides: “Jacquelyn and I met in Vancouver, BC in 2010 while I was midway through my Masters degree in Zoology from UBC and she was working in the music industry, representing composers for film and TV. My masters work brought me to Mozambique for long field seasons each year and, when we met, I had a 6 month field season coming up soon. At first, we were both unsure how, and if, this would work, given my long trip, but it was quickly clear to both of us that this was a relationship that neither of was willing to let fade. While I was in Africa, we had long Skype calls every week to catch up and about halfway through my trip I booked a trip home for a month as a surprise. We came out of this experience stronger and more certain that this relationship was something special. I am an American citizen and Jacquelyn is Canadian, so when I graduated the only option was for me to find a way to stay in Canada, since there was no way for Americans to sponsor their same-sex partner for immigration. I was able to get a post-graduation visa that allowed me to stay in Canada for 3 years and then Jacquelyn was able to sponsor me as her common-law partner for my permanent residency. While we loved living in Canada, good job opportunities were hard to come by in our fields but we did not have the choice to move to the US together. We got engaged while living in Canada, assuming that we would someday have a wedding and build a life there.In June, 2013, everything changed when DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act, which banned federal same-sex marriage) was overturned. What that meant for us was, if we got legally married in a state or country that allowed same-sex marriage, the US federal government would recognize it and allow me to sponsor Jacquelyn for permanent residency in the US. We quickly began the long process of applying for a fiancee visa, which took almost a year to get approved. With the fiancee visa in hand, we were allowed to enter the US together and we had 90 days to get legally married, after which, we could apply for her green card and work permit. We had no idea when the fiancee visa would get approved but when it did, in July, 2014, we entered the US and a few weeks later we had a small ceremony on the beach in Cape Cod, MA. Because the timing was so uncertain and rushed, only my immediate family and a few close friends were able to attend the ceremony. Jacquelyn’s family in Toronto and our larger network of friends didn’t have enough notice to make the trip. It was really important to us that we have a larger ceremony where all of our family and friends could come to celebrate with us. We also wanted to have the lifelong memories of a wedding ceremony that we had always envisioned, with dresses, a bridal party, cake, dancing, and beautiful photos to remember the day. We began planning a wedding ceremony for July 11th, 2015 in Plymouth, MA and invited all of our closest family and friends. We were so touched that guests traveled from as far as Canada, California, and Ireland to attend our wedding. Jacquelyn’s parents, siblings, grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins were able to see us get married and be a part of the ceremony, as they had to miss the first ceremony. ”

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