7-17-10_068_2Hi, I’m Emily. and I want to thank you for visiting my blog!

When Kristen proposed to me, I was so surprised that she was asking me when she did that the first thing out of my mouth was ‘for real?!” and she said, “for real!” so, we have taken that as a representation of our future lives together. We are in this for real. We have made our vows to commit to each other for real. I know it seems like just a saying, but the way it came out and what we have taken it to mean has turned it into something important to us – we even both have it engraved on the inside of our engagement rings.
I chose to name my blog after our “for real” because gay weddings are happening out there and people need to start realizing that these are real couples, planning real weddings, and getting married, for real.

I love writing this blog and sharing these amazing couples with all of you – and hopefully providing you with some inspiration for your wedding day! I also enjoy getting to know the couples I feature by reading their stories and posting their images.

I hope you enjoy my blog. email me, leave comments, or subscribe.


*for real equality weddings logo and cover image credit to: photo: thea dodds, authentic eye photography; design: emily keenan




  1. Tami
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 13:22:36

    Love your blog and how genuine you are!! Shared it with my besties in FB! I came across it last night while searching for planning checklists that weren’t so bride/groom…uugghh I’m sick of it! Thank you to sharing…can’t wait to see all the things you cook up too since I’m also a foodie 🙂

  2. Eric Duncan-Villa
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 19:15:14

    Hi, I am a photographer in North Carolina and looking to do some Same-Sex weddings. I know NC is not a legal state yet, however, there are unions around here. I was married to my partner 15 years ago in a church here in NC, but it was called a union. How can I get on your list of photogrphers for the people here in NC?

  3. Eric Duncan-Villa
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 06:44:35

    Hi Emily, This is Eric Duncan-Villa, I contacted you last week about how I can be placed on your list of photographers for the people of North Carolina. I received your email and relied back to it and was wanting to make sure you got it and it was fine. Please let me know, I can make upanother BIO if needed, Actually, I think I will make up another BIO and resend everything but please let me know when you get it.

    Thank You,

    Eric Duncan-Villa

  4. Michelle
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 20:57:33

    Hi Emily,
    I love, love, LOVE your blog! Encouraged by some of my own experiences and those of my friends, I started working on a same-sex wedding website of my own. I came across yours in my researching and would love to chat with you.
    Thank you,

  5. Eggton
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 16:32:11

    Emily! Hi!

    Your site it awesome, and the story of your engagement to Kristen is awesome, and I’m guessing these posts are awesome too. I can’t wait to go through them and look at pictures of people being in love with each other. Yay!

    If Scott and I ever get married, I’m going to ask for your wedding input. In the meantime, I prefer white wine, too.

    xo Katherine

  6. Jaye
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 23:23:26

    Simply love everything About your Blog
    and look forward TO SUBMITTING TIDBITS FROM ALL my gay brothers sisters I assist
    my gay family married it’s taken 2 decades Jaye

  7. Jaye
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 23:27:07

    would love to get a listing under Hi officiant can I email a Bio

  8. forrealequalityweddings
    Mar 15, 2014 @ 09:51:31

    Hi Jaye,
    You can submit your information under my vendor listings link on the blog. Hope to hear from you!