nancy & joan

Jon Fleming Photography wrote, “Nancy & Joan chose the Intimate Swann House on New Hampshire Ave. In Washington DC just outside of Dupont Circle as the location for their private ceremony earlier this April. After flying in from their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee their marriage was officiated on the rooftop by Tiffany Newman. Following their first kiss as a new couple – Joan was shocked to hear the sound of a bag piper from below. Nancy had organized and hired a professional bag piper in advance as a surprise for their wedding day. Afterwards we took full advantage of the weather and the grounds around The Swann House for some great portraits!”Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan1 Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan Nancy & Joan


tara & suzanne

Brittany of Brittany Rae Photography wrote, “Have you ever attended a wedding that made you cry happy tears throughout? THIS is that wedding for me. It was my first full length same sex wedding and the love between these two & their family was just so amazing. They merged their two families so beautifully with a sand ceremony involving their children underneath the purple blooming plum trees in the backyard of a rented house in York Maine.”

Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding6_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding1_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding10_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding16_low Phillips_Paschal_BrittanyRaePhotography_hxmdh6654 Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding31_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding39_low Phillips_Paschal_BrittanyRaePhotography_hxmdh6655 Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding50_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding88_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding101_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding105_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding109_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding112_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding138_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding140_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding142_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding144_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding146_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding148_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding153_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding158_low Phillips_Paschal_BrittanyRaePhotography_hxmdh6656 Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding178_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding254_low Phillips_Paschal_BrittanyRaePhotography_hxmdh6653 Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding257_low Phillips_Paschal_Brittany_Rae_Photography_052513TaraSuzannewedding288_low


Photographer:  Brittany Rae Photography
Cake Designer & Bakery: Let Them Eat Cake
Favors and Gifts: LL Bean
Specialty Foods: Stonewall Kitchen

kim & maretes

Sarah Stevens of I Do Photography wrote, “Kim and Maretes met through friends. They are so fun and individually very different! It’s just wonderful to be in their presence and watch their love and support of each other.

Having their family and friends there to celebrate was very important to them, so they had their wedding local in Milwaukee, even though same sex marriages aren’t legal here yet. They had 6 people stand up with them (I love the outfits they chose- creative and different, yet it all went well together). Not to talk about clothes too much, but Maretes’s pant suite was custom made and looks incredible on her.

They took dance lessons and killed it on the dance floor! You can see how much fun they had as their family and friends looked on… Kim of course totally hammed it up!”

Kim & Maretes share their story, “Kim and Maretes seemed like a little bit of an odd couple at first… Kim being the shy, quiet introvert and Maretes being the loud, outspoken extrovert.  But over the course of their nearly 5 year relationship, it is very clear how well these two balance each other out!  It all started with a chance meeting at a Fourth of July party back in 2009 that changed their lives forever.  Some initial conversation led to more conversation, which eventually led to the two of them sharing a blanket while watching the fireworks that night… and the fireworks clearly didn’t end there!  A few days later, it took all of Kim’s very nervous energy to contact Maretes.  It wasn’t until the following week that they finally met out for drinks.  From that moment on, the two began their trip down the winding relationship road.  This past September, Kim and Maretes decided to take their journey together to an all new level.  Their wedding was simply gorgeous, very intimate and full of so much love and support.  From their self-written vows to their unique unity ritual (that involved them sipping red wine from a German Wedding Chalice, at the same time!), the event was nothing short of spectacular!  It was truly a day that will forever stand out in the memories of everyone who attended!” http://www.i-do-photography.net Mayer_Hein_IDoPhotography_cwu4ya701 Mayer_Hein_IDoPhotography_cwu4ya702 Mayer_Hein_IDoPhotography_cwu4ya70

Photographer:  “I Do” Photography
Bakery: Milwaukee Cupcake Company
Hair Stylist: Natural Beauty Group
Officiant: Pastor Rachel Young Binter
Event Venue: The Hamilton
Musican: JoAnn Reidl


jessica & patti

jessica & patti’s sf city hall wedding was submitted by IQ photo.  This is just the first in a series of truly awesome city hall weddings by them that will be featured on the blog.  so, if you are looking into city hall style wedding, get excited for some great inspiration coming up!Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0001JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphotoStudio_iw4woz83 Jessica_Patti_IQphotoStudio_iw4woz831 Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0025JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0027JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0036JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0037JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0038JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0039JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0054JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0064JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0072JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0074JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0089JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0092JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0108JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0136JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0151JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0176JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphotoStudio_iw4woz832 Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0183JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0195JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0223JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0231JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0236JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0271JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0302JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0341JessicaPatti_low Jessica_Patti_IQphoto_Studio_0364JessicaPatti_low