I'd like to start a series on this blog called for real equality families. I have no idea how many same-sex family submissions I’ll get, but I’d like to share any that I do with you. I’d like to start putting it out there – that not only are same-sex weddings happening, for real, but same-sex families are happening for real too. Whether it’s by adoption, known donors, anonymous donors, turkey basters, or my friend’s new product, the semenette, LGBTQ families are out there. We are making families, through both legal paperwork and lots of love. You can choose to share your names or keep them private –I’ll respect your choice.

Here is my family:


rachael, bonnie & zaiden

i’m so excited to share my first same-sex family with you all!  rachael, bonnie & zaiden.  bonnie is neva’s sister, from neva & shannon – whose wedding & engagement i featured earlier.  these photos were also taken by topher simon! what an adorable newborn shoot – i love the plaster belly mold next to zaiden.(…)

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  1. maribel
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 23:38:47

    Hi, my wife & I are planning to use the semenette & we are just wondering how does it work & if you know anyone that has used it & has success?

  2. forrealequalityweddings
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 06:56:12

    Email me your email address and I can tell you what I know! Forrealequalityweddings@gmail.com